Insight: 2018 Independent Thesis Projects

This year, we have twenty graduate students conducting an Independent Thesis Project. The topics are varied and range from the theoretical to the practical, the sustainable to the parametric, the cultural to the political. Check out a quick snapshot of the amazing work going on and stay tuned for more updates and in depth features. 

Emblems of The American Single Family House Re-Appraised for Multi-Family Homes

Thesis Student: Caroline Bozzi; Thesis Chair: William Williams

Neurodiversity in the Workplace: An Architecture for Autism

Thesis Student: Mary Kate Cassidy; Thesis Chair: Hank Hildebrandt

Ideal Potential for a Dismissive Predisposition: Architecture of Meaning & Significance

Thesis Student: Mike Czmiel; Thesis Chair: Aarati Kanekar

Changing a Paradigm: A Didactic Suburban Grocery

Thesis Student: Jessica Dangelo; Thesis Chair: Tom Bible

Living Plane: Investigating Urban Rooftop Potential to recreate ecological conditions using Regenerative Architecture

Thesis Student: Megha Dubey; Thesis Chair: Pravin Bhiwapurkar

Representing the Real Through a Thick Process

Thesis Student: Jamie Ferello; Thesis Chair: Vincent Sansalone

Health & Wellness via Active Design

Thesis Student: Kris Hemeyer; Thesis Chair: Anton Harfmann

Déjà vu: The Uncanny of Fragmented Architecture

Thesis Student: Kiana Memarandadgar; Thesis Chair: Aarati Kanekar

Prototyping Architecture

Thesis Student: Lee Meyer; Thesis Chair: Vincent Sansalone

Sustainable Healing: Re-Thinking Cancer Center Design

Thesis Student: Kristin Plummer; Thesis Chair: Tom Bible

Growing the City: Reconnecting Humans to the Natural World

Thesis Student: Nicole Ridder; Thesis Chair: Anton Harfmann

Layered Space: Toward an Architecture of Superimposition

Thesis Student: Adam Sambuco; Thesis Chair: Ming Tang

A Retreat to Autonomy: Nomads in the Age of Industry 4.0

Thesis Student: Han Shen; Thesis Chair: Mara Marcu

Contextualizing a Culture in the Diasporic Contemporary

Thesis Student: AJ Sivakumar; Thesis Chair: Aarati Kanekar

Graffiti Guide to the Urban Canvas

Thesis Student: Mark Specker; Thesis Chair: Hank Hildebrandt

Mnemonic Futures: Exploring the future of place-based memory in post-industrial landscapes

Thesis Student: Bailey Stultz; Thesis Chair: Hank Hildebrandt

Home In Process

Thesis Student: Lauren Whitehurst; Thesis Chair: Vincent Sansalone

Collective Potential: A network of micro interventions for flood resilience.

Thesis Student: Kumi Wickramanayaka; Thesis Chair: Elizabeth Riorden

A Country Home for the Global Citizen: Mediating Virtuality and Architecture in Rural Places

Thesis Student: Chas Wiederhold; Thesis Chair: Aarati Kanekar

Hospitality in the Internet Era: Curating social engagement through the AirBnb Platform

Thesis Student: Darion Ziegler; Thesis Chair: Hank Hildebrandt

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