We Procrastinate: 10 Gift Ideas for your Aspiring Architect

said by: Chas Wiederhold 

They see you when you’re sleeping. They know when you’re awake. They know if your critique was bad or good; at least you finished your model for goodness sake. Your classmates have a pretty good idea of how things have been going this semester, but they aren’t likely to be the ones filling your stockings this holiday season. And while we architecture students are eternally grateful for the Fallingwater Lego set, and the Prairie-style coasters are amazing, and that book on Taliesin is one of our favorites, if it isn’t too much to ask, we were wondering if we could move on from Frank Lloyd Wright presents this year. Let’s see what else is out there in the world of gifts for your favorite aspiring architect.

01 Manual of Section.jpg


Manual of Section By Paul Lewis & Marc Tsurumaki

$20-$28 @ High Street Cincinnati

Process Material and Representation in Architecture by Gail Peter Borden

$40-$60 @ Amazon

Maybe we spend a lot of time drawing pictures, but from time to time, it’s nice to sit down with a nice book… especially a book filled with beautiful drawings. These two books, filled with beautiful sections and diagrams, are new essential favorites in the architect’s library.

02 JennyWuLace.jpg


$140.00 @ jennywulace.com

Architecture students really value how technology is changing the way we make things. Give the gift that lets them were that appreciation on their ears with beautiful digitally fabricated jewelry. Jenny Wu, partner on ‘The Exchange’ (which stole the show at Exhibit Columbus this year) designed these black steel earrings.

03 Laser Measurer.jpg


$49.97 @ The Home Depot

It takes two to tango, and until now, two to take existing measurements of a building or room. The Bosch Laser Measurer makes measurements up to 135’ a breeze.

04 NotreDame.jpg

ICONX Notre Dame Cathedral

$16.99 @ ArchitectsGiftsPlus.com

One of the first concepts architects learn to master is an understanding of scale. Let us indulge in our scaled way of seeing the world with these miniature pop-out metal models of architectural landmarks.



05 Squiggle.jpg


$30.00 @ CKTC Ceramics 

Geometry leads many young people to their interest in architecture and its important to feed that interest with random geometric objects of beauty sprinkled about our apartments and studios.

06 LegoArchitecture.jpg


$149.95 @ Barnes and Noble

Legos are a gateway toy to architecture and it is hard to grow out of our love for them. For a minimalist spin on the activity, assemble a set of entirely one color to complement our monochromatic wardrobes.

07 Moleskin.jpg


$19.95 @ Plaza Artists Supply

When it comes to supplies, we could always use new pens and sketchbooks. Our classic favorite sketchbook is small enough to carry in a coat pocket, but big enough to capture a scene (think 5”x8”) with pages that don’t let a great pen bleed through.



08 AlumninumTriangle.jpg


$6-$14 @ Plaza Artists Supply

Back to the topic of miniatures, mini-T Squares and mini-triangles are a must have for every drafter and modeler in the studio. Go with metal so that measurements and cuts can be made on a small scale model with ease.


09 Climate Change Mug.gif


$13.49 @ philosophersguild.com

The Climate Change Mug is the perfect gift for the environmentally minded architecture student who orders all their coffee from fair trade local roasters. The heat-reactive map on the mug shows you what will happen if you don’t start reducing your vehicle miles traveled ASAP!


10 DoodlerPro.jpg

3Doodler Pro

$249.99 @ www.3doodler.com

Prototype like never before with the 3Doodler Pro, a handheld 3D printing pen. With variable temperature, feed speed, and fan settings, this relatively new form of model making can compete with more popular methods today.

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