6 Reasons to Visit Exhibit Columbus Before Nov. 26th

said by: Jordan Fitch


You've likely heard the buzz and peeped the Instagram stories - Exhibit Columbus has officially opened its inaugural showcase of "the past, present and future of design". Here are 6 reasons to gather your car full of design aficionados and embark on the 90-mile journey to NPR's "Midwestern Mecca of Architecture".


There's no shame in your 'gram game.

Listen - we all experience the pressures of having an Instagram as a design student. But at Exhibit Columbus you would literally have to be taking pictures of the inside of your pocket to take a bad picture. Select your applicable emoji-only caption (please #stopinstagrampuns2017) and sit back as those notifications make it rain on your phone's home screen.

be transported by the Miller Prize installations.

It's not every day that you get to witness contemporary architecture juxtaposed with small town life. Each of the five Miller Prize installations responds to the gorgeous Modernist works that resulted from J. Erwin Miller's architectural campaign to make Columbus "the best community of its size." Get lost in the mirrored columns of an urban forest, peek through the perforated scales of a contemporary wigwam, or explore the tectonics of Saarinen-inspired canopies.

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now is your chance - reenact the willy wonka shrinking hallway scene.

Willy Wonka said it best - "if you want to view paradise, simply look around and view it." I challenge you to find a better Midwestern small town to reinvigorate your creative faculties after you've been in DAAP so long that you slip into a trance reminiscent of the creepy boat scene. Visit Snarkitecture's Playhouse, one of the five gallery installations along Washington Street, and allow forced perspective to bring back the pure imagination of your inner child.


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3 words - treat. yo. self.

While Columbus may not be on the level of Muncie as a source of inspiration for the hit political TV sitcom Parks and Rec, it hardly takes a detective to sniff out the small-town similarities and their nostalgic ooze. Enter Zaharakos - the traditional ice cream parlor dating to 1900 that provides a quite literal cherry on top of Washington Street, the main thoroughfare of Columbus. Forget buying clothes, fragrances, massages, mimosas, or fine leather goods - Zaharakos is the best way to treat yo self to small town Indiana.

Where's my banana split gone?

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size up the job market competition.

We've all spent a few hours down the rabbit hole of Issuu-portfolio-stalking every single person that is applying for the same co-op jobs once that dreaded Google Spreadsheet goes live. On a broader scale, the six university installations are your chance to see exactly how much portfolio tweaking will need to be done in preparation for the ol' real world job market. I'm not saying our installation is the best, but I'm not not saying it's the best either (seriously, they are all pretty stunning).

Exhibit Columbus- Ball State Installation. Come visit it at Central Middle School in Columbus, IN!

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the pictures simply don't do it justice.

In the age of social media, it almost feels like following a couple of well-curated Instagram accounts will replicate any experience - but as students of the built environment, it shouldn't take a seminar on phenomenology in architecture for us to get the sense that this life-world is to be experienced in real time. That Snapchat story you're re-watching won't give you the crisp smell of fallen leaves, the taste of a freshly baked waffle cone, or the goosebumps you'll feel inside North Christian Church. Your senses will thank you.

Tile wall #exhibitcolumbus

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Exhibit Columbus is currently open, and will run through Sunday, November 26th, 2017. The exhibition is free and open to the public.