Conversation with Justin West, Eric Blyth, and Sam Ferris-Morris

Edited by: Jamie Ferello

Business Casual is an ongoing lecture and panel discussion series showcasing emerging creative practices. The series provides an accessible, conversation based atmosphere that encourages students, faculty and the public to actively participate in the conversation. Business Casual is curated and hosted by David Corns and Ingrid Schmidt in conjunction with the GSA and has received a Graduate Student Group Grant. 

Sam Ferris-Morris, Eric Blyth, and Justin West joined Business Casual on February 23rd to talk about their practice. Eric telepresented from Salt Lake City, Utah. Below is a video of Intermedio's talk followed by video of the conversation with Justin, Sam, Eric, and attendees of the talk.


Intermedio is a creative studio in Cincinnati, Ohio.  They are a group of artists, designers, musicians, experimenters, and coders who create immersive environments, collaborative performances and interactive installations. Their work has been made for a wide range of events and venues, including museums, DIY spaces, interdisciplinary festivals, residential installations, and Maker Faires. Rooting their practice in music composition, they often collaborate with ensembles and individuals to develop interdisciplinary performances which consider and expand the traditional concept of concert experiences.

Sam Ferris - Morris is a Cincinnati-based composer/musician, programmer, and Installation artist. His interests include the use of technology and experience based design to create immersive and visceral multi sensory experiences. Sam's current focus is on the exploration of collaborative interdisciplinary projects which dissolve the boundaries between traditional musical, scientific, architectural, technological, and other artistic practices. As a cofounder of the interdisciplinary artist collective, Intermedio, Sam designs custom software using an array of coding languages to facilitate experiments with massively multichannel sound design, distributed sensor networks, feedback systems, and algorithmic composition. 

Justin West is a composer and artist whose work integrates music, electronics, and installation. Justin creates interactive and immersive musical experiences using speakers, computer programming, and live performers. His installations create spaces where observers become participants. Each person crafts their own experience of the piece by moving through the sound space or by interacting with objects. The structures in his work explores the different ways an object is a translation of an idea, expression, or impulse. Justin's installations reflect on the the parity and difference of musical and physical structures. Throughout his work he explores the roles of composer, conductor, performer, instrument, and listener -- what they are and what they will become in the age of the bit.

Eric Blyth is a multi-disciplinary designer currently residing in Salt Lake City, pursuing a masters degree in architecture at the University of Utah. His recent work centers around an examination of the social, political, environmental, and economic systems that make up the built environment and how to employ design thinking/practice as a tool for social good. Combining this mentality with a passion for building, Eric seeks to create beautiful spaces, objects, and experiences for the masses alongside his strange and talented friends. Eric was born in Palatine, Illinois in 1991. He received his B.S. in Architecture from the University of Cincinnati college of DAAP, and will complete his Masters in the spring of 2018.