Seven Years. Seven Studios. Seven Short Stories.

Said by: Jamie Ferello

I am graduating this spring after seven long years in SAID. The following is a collection of short stories from each of the seven architecture and interior design studio spaces. These are based on real stories with real people (who will remain anonymous) and are embellished only slightly.

8265 // 2011

First-year makes 100+1 project out of matchboxes, three weeks later shuffles feet on pile of old projects, narrowly avoids burning down building, faint char smell lingers in studio for days.

7265 // 2012

Immersion student discovers “real architecture,” enters deep hole, finds any and all secret sleeping spots in studio.

8260 // 2013

Second-year takes classes for first time in summer, learns there are fewer people are in the building, takes over empty studio, uses big kids blocks to makeshift workspace enclosure with bed.

7260 // 2014

Fourth-year excitedly chooses first elective studio, realizes it's one of four studios crammed in a space which comfortable fits two, loses all sense of personal boundaries.

7270 // 2015

Sixteen students take capstone studio in smallest space in DAAP, make a lot of things, studio becomes a scene from American Hoarders.

8100 // 2016

Graduate student moves ACT panel, disturbs sedentary asbestos in ceiling, toxic studio air becomes even more toxic, can’t work in studio for a week without sneezing uncontrollably.

7100 // 2017

Thesis student has more space than knows what to do with, expands like a goldfish to the size of the room, spends rest of year wondering where that one 18 inch metal ruler went.